Friday, June 12, 2015

Don't it make you feel alive.

Reading "King Lear" at Beachwood Library last night.
One week of camp can go awful fast ... even when you are staying up late to watch basketball. It has been a good week, even if it affords little time to run. Two days off and already my thigh is complaining. We have been eating well, I have been doing upper body work, but my legs feels little thin.

The heat has settled in, every day it is supposed to storm. Summer is here and I hope we do not lose many performances of Timon. Not too much we can do about that.

Temperature: 73°
Distance: 3.38 miles
Avg Pace: 7.52
Climate: hot and humid, but overcast

Two glasses of water, sir, before you go out. Three mile run and I was parched. Training starts Monday, this is how we must go for the duration. Any run with an average below eight is fast enough, when I push it out in July and August this will become very painful without more water or more water stops.

I fell asleep while running. Not literally asleep, as in closed my eyes and dozed, but for a moment I imagined I was actually wearing the chukka boots. A hallucination. Haven't had one of those in years. That is what I am talking about -- rest, hydration, sustenance.

There are almost a half dozen gel packs in my drawer from the race three years ago. Are they still good?

Weight: 157 lbs.
From Goal: -3.0

What's On Daddy's iPhone?
Get Innocuous! - LCD Soundsystem

WCPN "Sound of Applause" Interview: THE LIFE OF TIMON OF ATHENS

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