Saturday, July 04, 2015

2015 Island Independence 5K

2015 Island Independence 5K
Start: 7:30 am

Official time: 32:00.8
Chip Time: 31:27.7
Overall: 259th
Male 45-49: 16th

Official time: 32:00.8
Chip Time: 31:27.9
Overall: 258th
Female 14 & Under: 5th

The question was whether I would run with her. More precisely, the question was whether she would let me run with her. I asked if I could, and she had said no. If I was there and the going got rough she wold yell at me and she didn't want to do that.

In my mind I pictured running out ahead of her, worrying about her, and that didn't sound very enjoyable to me. Also, I wasn't in this to score, to make great time, rather just to have a good time.

We rose early, the wife made breakfast of eggs, toast and grapefruit - and coffee, we each had a little coffee. The wife, the boy (who woke with extreme reluctance) and MP headed out to Mile 2 to cheer us on. The girl and I walked to the starting line at Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel.

She was a bit intimidated, and asked if I wouldn't start with her before moving ahead at my own pace. I pictured myself taking off from her, moving out ahead, and that felt even worse. But then I figured, if I don't say anything, and she doesn't either, maybe I won't have to.

We ran the race together.

UPDATE: No long run this week. Several additional short runs, though.

Week Three Total: 22.1 miles
Training To Date: 71 miles

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