Thursday, July 30, 2015

Running round. Leaving scars.

Settling down and cutting the internet is hard work. But there were many leisurely hours spent reading and taking notes and greeting friends and also taking a brief motorboat ride (I was the captain, a role which seriously freaks me out) enjoying a mid-afternoon beer and chasing the kids down to the dock.

"For God's sake. It's Flood's Cove and you are a child. Go torture sea animals or set fire to something the way I did." 

Speaking of fond and/or anxiety inducing childhood vacation memories, Michele took it upon herself this winter to personally commission T-shirts and sweatshirts proudly displaying a modified version of the Friendship, Maine logo which was in use in the mid-to-late 1970s.

How cool is that? I mean, seriously. It's like someone handing you an exact replica of that stuffed animal you loved so much that was destroyed by the neighbor's dog when you were seven. 

Distance: 8 miles
Duration: 1:07:30
Avg Pace: 8:26
Route: Rt. 220

First time taking a run on the state road out of Friendship, like exactly the kind of place Stephen King got hit by that truck. Lots of hills, and bugs and even bees.

Took a break on my way back, around mile six, the visit the Roadside Cemetery, for that is indeed its name. Final resting place for those who reside here. Their ancestors rest here in the earth, mine and my children's rest here in the sea.

Last night we had a big crowd for dinner, cousins and friends. My cousin Amy (cousin once removed) who lives and works in Germany was visiting her folks here, she is also in training for a marathon, her first - though she has run several half marathons and in her time has been much more athletic than I.

Our training methods are different, she is being instructed by her supervisors and colleagues at work. She works for the WHO, which endorses workplace health promotion, so within her sphere of influence running this marathon is kind of a big deal. They have a detailed regimen involving not merely distance but pace.

My training by comparison is pretty haphazard, but I guess I always knew that. She did make me think seriously of getting a Garmin to better track not only my miles, pace and time, but also heart rate, a metric I am currently lacking. Last check my heart is pretty healthy but I would be well served to keep it monitored as I run to avoid any unhappy surprises.

Temperature: 66° - 70°
Climate: quite humid.
Intake: yogurt, granola & banana
Hydration: yes
Water Stop: no
Stretches: yes!

The relaxation continues. Would appear to be another remarkably beautiful day laid out before us. The girl came down with a serious summertime cold yesterday and was up half the night unable to breathe, with a raging sore throat and the chills. This morning she is much more sanguine but also exhausted.

What's That Lyric?
Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri

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