Sunday, July 26, 2015

Montréal (one)

I'm a dreamer ... Montréal?
First day in Montreal, camping in the funkiest apartment I have stayed in for I can't remember how long. Since Chicago, perhaps. Certainly an education for my children. A serious exposure to la vie bohème. It freaks the girl out, just being here, with the potential of anyone speaking French near her. The boy wants to know about all the marijuana imagery on the posters.

Distance: 10 miles
Duration: 1:27:24
Avg Pace: 8:53
Route: Parc du Mont-Royal (Mount Royal Park)

It's my birthday, dammit, and I ran up and down a mountain. Official distance was 9:82 but screw that, I ran up and down a mountain today.

It got a little desperate near the summit, as I kept thinking I was approaching the top. It is a wooded mountain within the city, and I first there was a manor house and then this thing that looks like a cross between a cross and the Eiffel Tower, and then finally the Kondiaronk Belvedere, which is the money shot (see money shot above.)

Week Six Total: 29 miles
Training To Date: 170 miles

Temperature: 66° - 70°
Climate: overcast and humid
Intake: latte and croissants (not joking)
Hydration: yes
Water Stop: yes!
Stretches: no.

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Henrik said...

Happy Birthday! (And nice Groucho quote. The Marx Bros are background characters in "Carter Beats the Devil" which I am enjoying at the moment. ) We must chat when you stop gallavanting for a bit.
Love to the family