Monday, July 20, 2015

Gardening at night.

Today I made my first garlic scape basil pesto, which I am proud of because usually the wife makes it but this time I did and it really didn't suck.

Tomorrow our governor will be making a special announcement which probably means he is announcing a run for president, though knowing him after making all these visit to New Hampshire and designing a logo and everything he'll probably announce that he isn't because he's such a jerk.

Distance: 3 miles
Avg Pace: 7:53
Route: Boulevard Loop

Hilarious. You know that stretch of Monticello I am always complaining about during the winter, because no one shovels their sidewalks?

They did a lot of road work in June, and ripped most of them up. On the north side of the street, there are smooth, recently paved sidewalks. For over a month the side most convenient for me to run upon (the south) are gravel ditches blocked by plastic netting and barrels.

Temperature: 75°
Climate: humid
Weight: 158 lbs. (-2.0)
Intake: yes
Hydration: yes
Stretches: yes

A night time run this time of year can be delightful, especially at this time of night. Many young parents walking children, couples holding hands, the odd bike rider, Regnier walking that big-ass dog of his.

But when it's really dark, when the streetlights on the side streets are obscured by trees, it is very disorienting. The absence of sight, the music in my ears, it's delirium inspiring, like a scene out of Altered States.

Killing something ... a goat.
What's That Lyric?
Gardening At Night - R.E.M.

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