Thursday, July 02, 2015

Running at the speed of light.

Up since 4 AM. Every year there is at least one morning the boy and I try some night fishing. The best part for me is getting breakfast at six from the pier grill. Lousy coffee, great eggs and hash browns. He caught three small fish, which meant the entire endeavor was an overwhelming success!

Distance: 6 miles
Avg Pace: 8.23
Route: Topsail Loop (or something)

Spotify gets spotty on the beach, so I thought I would try something new. Yesterday the wife and I had taken a long walk down the beach and I mused about running off the beach one morning and through one of the public passages onto the streets.

That way I could also check how fast I run at 165 bpm on pavement. Never really tested that before. Not much difference, a little, but not tremendously different. It sure felt easier, but I missed the wind off the ocean. And the ocean. The sand, the whole beach thing. Worth the effort.

True, though. The reception was much better. Should have brought my old iPod.

Temperature: 79°
Climate: breezy and hot
Intake: big breakfast
Hydration: yes
Stretches: yes

What's That Lyric?
No Lookin' Back - Michael McDonald

UPDATE: Girl Run

Her plan was to run three miles. The wife did not think this was a good idea, but she is a very determined girl. One mile out, one mile back, and then half a mile out and back. Her plan.

As the tide goes out the beach becomes very, very windy. We ran into the wind, for a mile. She did not make an objection nor a sound. We turned around at one mile.

Dad: How are you feeling.
Girl: Horrible!
Dad: You're doing great.
Girl: I want to sit down and I want to die!
Dad: You are breathing very well.
Girl: I hate my hair! I want to cut all my hair off!
Dad: We can cut your hair if you want.
Girl: I want to die!
Dad: I am proud of you.
Girl: SHUT UP.

And so on.

She made it two miles, and collapsed into the sand. By her estimation, it was an utter failure.

There you have every close, personal relationship with every woman in my life.

Distance: 2 miles
Avg Pace: 9.42
Temperature: 82°
Climate: really, really windy

Vacation means indulgence, to be sure. I have been consumed far less than normal, but what the hell did I used to eat and drink on vacay? No idea what I weight, feel I may have put on a bit. Or not. There's no scale here, we'll just wait and see.

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