Friday, July 17, 2015

Contestants in a suicidal race.

I'm not in it for the shirts, like I don't seek autographs from famous people or make video recordings of my children performing music. I don't need evidence, I know I was there.

The race shirts that are made of wicking material are at least useful and I keep and use those. There are many race shirts I have received and almost immediately put in the giveaway pile.

However, the shirts the girl and I received for the Independence Day Run are by far the softest garments ever and make the happiest sleeptime wear imaginable and have totally made my summer.

Distance: 4 miles
Avg Pace: 8.10
Route: Cain Park Loop

Difficult morning to wake up. Our perfect summer has hit a wall, each of us engaged in our own anxiety or ennui.

I am trying, very hard, to write. There are a mountain of distractions. I have asked the wife to change my Facebook password to curtail my use. This is successful only to a point, the entire rest of the internet still exists.

Finished Station Eleven the other night. Full report due by the end of the afternoon.

Temperature: 68°
Climate: overcast, cool but humid
Weight: 155.5 lbs.
Intake: energy gel
Hydration: yes
Water stop: yes
Stretches: yes

We finish at 32:00 (on the clock)

What's That Lyric?
Synchronicity II - The Police 

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