Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Bonus run!

Koona t'chuta Solo?
Day-off run ... with the girl! A few months ago I may have suggested all four of us would be running the 5K this Saturday, though it has appeared more likely to be just me. The wife has been training with Couch To 5K and quite successfully but is not at that point in the program yet, and neither is the boy.

I try not to press the girl to run with me, rather leave the invitation open. It's not as though she doesn't exercise, she's a hardcore soccer player (her hero is Hope Solo, and yes, she knows) but running is different. She has had great difficulty getting past the "stitch" phase and can be very resistant to advice.

I mean, she hears it, it's obvious that she hears it. Today it was apparent to me that she had taken in every suggestion we have made because I could hear hear her using them while running and couldn't wait to tell me about how well it had worked when she had finished.

In fact, it was she who suggested we run a mile today. And just as we were reaching home she said she wanted to run another mile. So we did. And now she says she wants to run the race on Saturday.

But I must be careful. She may try to run tomorrow, forgetting how challenging it was for her today, and become discouraged. Because that's a thing that happens.

Distance: 2 miles
Avg Pace: 9.33
Route: Topsail Beach

Last night the four of us watched the match at Gallagher's - the same place the wife and I watched the men's USA v GER game last year. The women win.

Temperature: 79°
Climate: bright, hot and breezy
Hydration: I think.
Stretches: yes, both of us.


Henrik said...

They make excellent breakfast viewing. England v Japan was a nail biter. (Yes, I had nails for breakfast.)

pengo said...

Nail biter? It was a slasher film! I just sat there in shock at the end, horrified, unable to turn away! That was horrible!

Henrik said...

Yeah, those Japanease horror movies are the worst.