Friday, April 24, 2015

I have been running too long.

Three o'clock is a deadly time for those working in a traditional office setting. Or anywhere, really. When we are in rehearsal for the residency, 3 PM is generally when everyone goes insane and cannot concentrate. When you are at a desk, it generally means your brain falls off.

Yesterday a colleague came into my office around that time and asked if I felt I had any additional energy since I stopped taking sugar. I thought about it a moment and decided, yes, I really do.

In the morning, I used to drink two or three cups of coffee. Without sugar to entice me further, barely finish one. I enjoy coffee, but it's not something I need to have and have a lot of. Hot beverage, tastes good, thanks that's enough.

In the recent past, I might buy another coffee as soon as I get to work. Or one in the afternoon - around 2:30 - or worse yet, a cola. These days, I don't get sleepy. I don't get irritable. I don't need an afternoon pick-me-up, I just keep going.

I don't get tired in the afternoon, I get tired at night like a normal human being. I used to be edgy at night, now I want to go to bed. I think this is a good thing.

Temperature: 36°
Distance: 3.38 miles
Avg Pace: 7.57
Climate: cool but calm
Weight: 161.5 lbs.
From Goal: +1.5

Wednesday Alcohol Units: -0-
Thursday Alcohol Units: 1.0

Thursday was a lesson in control. Opening the door a little can be a dangerous thing. Also, stretching was a daily exercise which was good for me in a number of ways and now I miss it.

The annual playlists were a motivator, and provided a goal which is gone, like training for a race. I have a race to train for ... in 162 days. Now I need to run because I need to keep running. And yesterday it snowed. I am tired of cold. Very, very tired of dull, boring, uninspiring cold.

Man. Don't run for one day and I get all freaking depressed and anxious.

Playlist:  Calvin Harris Radio

Love now.

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