Thursday, April 09, 2015

You're gonna run late.

And Then You Die (2009)
I have recounted in this blog, many times, about my compulsive eating habits. Especially when it comes to sugar. There is currently a bowl of jelly beans sitting on the front desk at work, a particularly tasty brand. I have passed by them numerous times, and my instinct is to take a few - a handful, in fact. Bring a handful back to my desk and just pop them into my mouth, one after the other.

But the thought of the sensation of grinding what is largely pure sugar and corn syrup into my teeth and swallowing that ... it entirely puts me off. I think of how I would feel doing that, and so I don't. And yet it's still not easy, I still think, when I first glance at these brightly colored beans, "Oh!"

Sugar for its own sake.

One month ago today, my doctor told me I was close to developing "borderline" type 2 diabetes. Since that time I have altered a great deal of my eating habits. I am grateful my family has been patient, in fact downright encouraging. The girl has even observed, several times, that the whole wheat pasta tastes good.

How long will this mania continue? I have been writing about diet almost every day since. And of course, running. Last night I had a very sensible, solitary dinner. Mock chicken alfredo with broccoli and roasted green beans.

Before bed I had a small serving of ice cream.

Temperature: 39°
Distance: 3.38 miles
Avg Pace: 8.08
Climate: light to heavy rain

Brisk, hazy morning. The rain began just as I headed out, but came downright as I made the final turn. My pace picked up considerably then.

I moan about having extra baggage to carry as I run, when I have it, but rarely think of it when I don't. The baggage is gone. But what was in it? We process what we consume and it becomes part of our chemistry. To wit; what you eat is what you are. How much of what remains of me is Pringles?

Baseline: 178.5 lbs.
Today: 165.5 lbs. (+0.5)
Goal: 170 lbs.
Ideal: 165 lbs.

2009 Playlist
Mute (Jokers of the Scene Mix) - The Brash
Ghosts N' Stuff - Deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire
In For The Kill - La Roux
I Get Around - Dragonette
Fireflies - Owl City
Rollerskate - Matias Aguayo

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