Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nothing's ever tough enough until we hit the road.

Snacking is a thing, we all know this. Gen X aged parents have had it impressed upon them that they must provide snack. We all know it, we all complain about. Those of us who have tried to rise above the garbage to provide something different and healthy are treated to the confused or even suspicious stare of small children when we offer something home baked or otherwise not arriving safely in a factory-fresh wrapper. Anyone who brings water to the game instead of Gatorade is treated like an asshole.

We've read these articles and blog entries, I need not add to those. Just to tell a personal story. We have had the benefit of a wonderful childcare associate for years, named Sarah. Her job is to keep the children safe, to provide oversight. She is not a nanny, it is not her job to correct the children. They do not need correction, anyhow. Much. She follows our lead. My wife reminds me not to give her too much instruction on how the kids are supposed to spend the two hours between the end of school and when we arrive home from work.

But she is, of course, there for when the kids want Snack. Not a snack, like something to nibble on, but Snack, that fourth meal between lunch and dinner. And as our home is often the venue for classmates who are also in Sarah's care, we keep the cupboard stocked with a variety of less-than-horrible offerings.

The problem is, by virtue of their use, they are usually not fresh. Crackers, sometimes chips, even cookies occasionally. There is yogurt in the fridge, and cheese. But they do not grab fruit or vegetables. Plant matter seems complicated to people. Or it's that a small amount of apples to do last very long, and we used to shop once a week.

But we're thinking healthy. I go grocery shopping for one bag of fresh tings maybe three times a week, like people used to do, or still do in large cities. Have we not a large city, with urban grocers? We do. I get more apples and whatever else they want, and also celery and carrots.

My mother used to do this thing, she would cut sticks of celery or carrot, stick them in a short glass of water, and leave them on the kitchen table. She wouldn't draw any additional attention to them, they were just there. We came home from school, we walked by the table, we took and ate the vegetables. Snack accomplished.

Lately, I have attempted to remember to cut up a vegetable and put it in a glass of water and place it in the fridge for Sarah to bring out after school. At the end of that day, that glass is always on the counter and empty.

Temperature: 43°
Distance: 3.36 miles
Avg Pace: 7.35
Climate: bright and brisk

Weight: 160 lbs.
From Goal: -0-

Wii Fit tells me I am NORMAL. My BMI is precisely where someone my age, gender and height should be. The goal now is maintain, to stay this weight and continue this work.

Sunday Alcohol Units: -0-
Monday Alcohol Units: -0-

The weather is irritating. Yesterday, freezing rain. Forget that. Today, just not as warm as I would care for. But tomorrow ... and tomorrow ... and tomorrow. We return to spring.

My head has been unhappy for days. I used to think it was the daily evening libation. And now we know that is not true. It's just my head and the way it is built.

However, pseudoephedrine can be daddy's little helper. My head is now high and clear. Aaahh.

Playlist: Hot Chip Radio

Marathon training begins Monday, June 15.

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