Sunday, August 16, 2015

Your feet may take you far from me.

Halfway mark. Time to head back.
The wife took the kids on an overnight trip leaving me at home to make busy around the house. I would have gone, it would have been fun. But I have been out of the house for three weekends already and a) feel a responsibility to get the house in some kind of order before the school year begins for everyone and b) I have this play to write.

The play in question, a commission, has been holding me mentally hostage for several months now. I haven't written anything really new since last spring. Writing yes, but not "writing" writing. But finally, at last, as the deadline closes in, I am picking up speed, getting into the zone, choose your horrid metaphor, I am doing that thing.

Last night, as inspiration (and because it was on my sadly unfulfilled list of New Year's resolutions) I went to see a new play. So yay for that.

Band-aids: yes
Water bottle: yes
Snack: energy gel
Lip balm: check
Glide: sure, why not.

Little sleep last night, it was a bit on the warm side. Coming home from the west side last night I picked up barbeque from Hot Sauce Legacy and gorged myself on salt and fat and sugar while watching part of an episode of Breaking Bad before turning in.

I could have slept more, but am concerned about how warm it will get over the three hours I will be on the road. I will take Forest Hills before heading for MLK and the Shoreway, which means I won't need to go as far as Dead Man's Curve. Ditto, I will take the cemetery back. A different, more interesting route, I think.

Intake: yogurt, fresh fruit & granola
Hydration: yes
Stretches: yes
Upper Body: 90 reps

More weaknesses now, feeling it in my right ankle and knee, not only in my Achilles tendon. Something that lasts all day. No kind of hampering pain, just a reminder. This is before taking eighteen miles at once.

Memories of those harrowing four miles two weeks ago. That stuff can stick with you. Feels like that was the beginning of my troubles. I need to rest more, to eat well, to warm up and cool down more effectively.

Distance: 18 miles
Duration: 2:31:56
Avg Pace: 8:26
Route: To East 55th Street and Back

Soundtrack: The President's Summer Playlist: Day

Listening to the President's playlist it is very, very challenging to keep from having improper thoughts about the First Lady. Obama's playlist beats anything I could put together. President Scott Walker's playlist would be made up of rock acts who hate him.

Week Nine Total: 43 miles
Training To Date: 276 miles

Feast of the Assumption on Sunday at dawn smells like Court Street on Sunday at dawn.

No, I was unaware that Lakeview Cemetery was hosting their Run Though History 5K this morning. Mile fifteen was spent running and hiking up and through Lakeview (9:08 pace) and past all these folks heading for the starting line at 9 AM. If I had known, I could have registered and been there in time to make my last three miles an actual race.

I perfectly planned today's eighteen mile run. I even remembered to head out in sunglasses even though it was only dawn. The sun was high and bright for a great deal of my return run. And yet I regret not knowing about this local race. See, this is what they mean when they say long distance runners are miserable.

Temperature: 68° 79°
Climate: bright, sunny, humid and perfect
Weight: 157 lbs.
Water Stop: yes, several

I have all day to myself. The plan is to write, fell and volunteer maple, and do a little de-cluttering. But first, an epsom salt bath with the Sunday Times.

What's That Lyric?
Wherever Is Your Heart - Brandi Carlile

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