Monday, August 03, 2015

Recovery Run

Crystal Pond.
First need for a "recovery" run. Yesterday's sixteen mile trek took a lot out of me, I spent most of the morning in my pjs, napping and reading ... which is kinda what I have done this morning. No alarm to wake me, then sitting by the fire, reading, writing, checking the online media.

My calves were very sore all day. They are sore now. So many hills yesterday, especially at the end. But my back feels good, and I have been concerned as to how longer and longer runs would affect my recent injury. At present, not at all.

I have been eating pretty much whatever I choose. I made a decision a few days back not to pick up a case of Coca-Cola. Traditionally, I would be drinking one rum and Coke a day, but I can't ... there's no Coke. Also, still enjoying sensible portions for dinner ... but also dessert pretty much every night. Then there are the Doritos, which are gone, but at least I wasn't alone in consuming them.

But they were good. I ate them, and I was glad.

However, though we have no scale in the house, my belt has provided a certain indication of my intake. In March I was at the last notch in my belt. Last month I was on the fourth notch in my belt. Yesterday I realized I would be much more comfortable at the third notch in my belt.

Not an emergency. But it has been noted.

Distance: 3 miles
Duration: 25:40
Avg Pace: 8:34
Route: Martin Point Run

Felt downright cool went I headed out, but then the sun came out and the temperature rose three degrees. Doesn't take much. Started at the top of the hill instead of running it. Did myself that favor.

Just another perfect day in the cove. I do have plenty of writing to accomplish, but also promised the boy we would hunt down a mackerel jig. We must head out in the motorboat today.

Temperature: 70° - 73°
Climate: bright and humid
Intake: banana
Hydration: yes

Stretches: yes

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