Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The strength designed to reach you.

Feels exactly like this.
Cosplay Green Lantern hitting you in the face with her ring.
First day back at work ... and I have a headache. Should not have been surprising, different atmosphere. And lack of rest, for several days I have been rising by the alarm then spending very long days either moving and doing or in active stress positions like driving a car for hours and hours.

Tuesday morning I had planned an eight-mile run but we had guests Monday night and I was up much later than I should if I am going to be able to make these runs part of my schedule. I woke at 5 AM with the same headache I'd had the entire day before. Water, pain reliever, back to bed to rise at six feeling better, but so goddamn tired. Screw it, I am getting rest, went back to sleep for another hour.

But that left me feeling defeated and depressed.

Distance:  8 miles
Duration: 1:05:22
Avg Pace: 8:10
Route: Forest Hills-Cain Park Loop
What Do Runners Think About? Here's The Sad Truth
It turns out that long-distance runners mostly think about how miserable running is, according to new research. - HuffPo 8/10/2015
Where do I start? I think everyone spends all their time thinking about how miserable they are.

Seriously, though. My thoughts on today's run:
  • My right calf is a little stiff.
  • Hey, look - five deer!
  • Thanks for this water stop.
  • My city is beautiful.
  • God, it feels good to run today.
(Thanks to Jim G., as always, for the link.)

Temperature: 68°
Climate: cool and clear
Weight: 158 lbs.
Intake: yogurt, granola & peaches
Hydration: yes
Water Stop: yes
Stretches: yes

What's That Lyric?
Dangerous Power - Gabriel & Dresden 

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