Thursday, March 19, 2015

Can't go on like this too long.

Happy anniversary, baby.
I have gotten a run in every single day since a week ago Sunday, twelve straight running days. It feels good, the running, but the repetition is beginning to tell in different parts of my legs. My shins are beginning the feel a little worn, and sometimes my ankles.

Perhaps I will take a break tomorrow, when the entire family is taking the day off to be together for Calvin's Day. On the other hand, if I get up before everyone else I might still go for a run, it's not like shabbas or anything, I am not compelled to rest on that day. In fact, sometimes it is a beautiful communion.

Temperature: 28°
Distance: 3.25 miles

Went a bit off the diet last night, the wife and I went out on a big people date to see Kingsman. She was to get tickets and popcorn and by the time I got in there were also already two beers poured out.

"Sorry, she said, I didn't know whether you would want one or not."

That was very thoughtful. I had not planned to have another drink so soon, but it would have been rude to make a big deal out of it. And besides, seriously? This is not a problem. However, I did notice I enjoyed it a lot slower than I would have normally, sipping it throughout the movie instead of pulling it down. I think it sat there for a half hour before I even touched it.

Baseline: 178 lbs.
Today: 175 lbs. (+0.5)
Goal: 170 lbs.

We have slowed our descent, which is good. However, today I am on the third notch in my belt. I have to keep this up, I have several new pair of size 33 pants waiting for me.

Oh! And twenty years ago today, the girlfriend (now the wife) moved to Cleveland Heights. Amazing.

1992 Playlist
Kiko and The Lavender Moon - Los Lobos
Digging In The Dirt (162 bpm) - Peter Gabriel
It's Probably Me - Sting ft. Eric Clapton
Soulalahoalih - Hassan Hakmoun
The Disappointed - XTC
Steam - Peter Gabriel
Disappointed - Electronic

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